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Kyjov 2

Kyjov 2
Krásná Lípa

tel. : +420 603 146 703


Our dear guests,


this hundered years old factory was recontructed for the purpose of a simple but pleasent hostel. On the groud floor is a beer-house for up to hundered people and a stage.


On the first floor a huge workshop suitable for all kinds of social, educational, artistic and other activities (you can rent the whole house if you want to ). The building is situated on the outskirts of a small village Doubice in North Bohemia, neighbouring outstanding National Park Czech Switzerland. Only a few steps will take you to the very heart of this inspiring and still wild nature (wonderful for MTB too).


Doubice, known also as "brain spa", is small but offers a lot. Besides tennis courts and horses and one of the best places to eat all around nothing is impossible.


So take your friends and come and see for yourself.

Historie projektu

V této části můžete popsat historii Vašeho projektu a co Vás vedlo k nápadu jej realizovat. Je vhodné se také zmínit o důležitých milnících a poděkovat lidem, kteří se na projektu účastnili.